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Extension Tables

Flexibility.  That is the best word to describe the benefit offered by the many choices of extension tables.  Sometimes it may be just dinner for the two of you, other times dinner for a family of four, while on occasion the whole neighborhood or extended family might want to sample your favorite mesquite BBQ recipe.  We have the table to fit any situation on any given day, and we have it in all shapes and sizes; from Rectangles to Ovals.  All of our extending tables are designed so that they can accommodate an umbrella whether they are extended or closed. 

Extension Tables

OVL-DBX-330<BR>Saratoga Double Butterfly Table<BR>91"-130" x 43"
Saratoga Double Butterfly Table
91"-130" x 43"

OVL-DBX-270<BR>Sonoma Double Butterfly Table<BR>79"-106" x 47"
Sonoma Double Butterfly Table
79"-106" x 47"

OVL-RL-240<BR>Sausalito Removable Leaf Table<BR>71"-94" x 43"
Sausalito Removable Leaf Table
71"-94" x 43"

RECT-DBX-305<BR>Napa Double Butterfly Table<BR>92.5"-1
Napa Double Butterfly Table

RECT-DBX-258<BR>Napa Double Butterfly Table<BR>74"-102" x 43"
Napa Double Butterfly Table
74"-102" x 43"

RECT-DBX-240<BR>Saratoga Double Butterfly Table<BR>67"-94" x 43"
Saratoga Double Butterfly Table
67"-94" x 43"

RECT-DBX-220<BR>Saratoga Double Butterfly Table<BR>63"-87" x 39"
Saratoga Double Butterfly Table
63"-87" x 39"