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Teak Backless Benches

Teak Backless Benches

Teak backless benches offer the ultimate in versatility.  Use it in a special corner of your garden, as a place to sit when you come out of the hot tub, shower or on the tennis court, put it up against a wall or use it for extra seating at the table.  Some even use our smaller size backless benches in the shower. Wherever you put it, a teak backless bench will provide many years of seating pleasure.

Teak Backless Benches

BB-061<br>Tiburon 24" Backless Bench
Tiburon 24" Backless Bench

BB-085<br>Tiburon 33" Backless Bench
Tiburon 33" Backless Bench

BB-091<BR>Tiburon 36" Backless Bench
Tiburon 36" Backless Bench

BB-107<br>Tiburon 42" Backless Bench
Tiburon 42" Backless Bench

BB-120<BR>Tiburon 47" Backless Bench
Tiburon 47" Backless Bench

BB-152<BR>Tiburon 60" Backless Bench
Tiburon 60" Backless Bench

BB-182<BR>Tiburon 72" Backless Bench
Tiburon 72" Backless Bench