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All our furniture is warranted to the original purchaser for a period of three years from the date of purchase against defects in the material and workmanship as to the furniture components.

Discounted merchandise (including all items purcahsed during the store closing sale, except for Tuuci Product) does not have any expressed warranty.

We wanted to keep the warranty to a simple sentence, but then the lawyers got involved and made us add the following language. But beyond all the words, the two most important things to us are your satisfaction and our reputation. Since we know those two things are directly linked, in the unlikely event you have any problems with our furniture, we are confident that we'll work it out.

Ok, now for the lawyers' version. The word "defects", as used in this warranty, is defined as imperfections that impair the utility of the product. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear effects of the furniture. Normal wear and tear is defined as "the normal deterioration that is received by regular use of any piece of furniture." This warranty does not cover damage, loss, or other conditions beyond the control  of Blue Sky Outdoor such as damage resulting from unauthorized repair, negligence, misuse or abuse, acts of God such as: wind damage, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fire, monsoons, typhoons, cyclones, and any other events that are based on natural causes, such as infestation, mold or mildew, or minor check cracking. This warranty is expressly limited to the replacement of furniture components having defects. If the furniture component is defective within the terms of the warranty, it will be the decision of Blue Sky Outdoor as to which method of resolution is used to repair the defective component. This includes replacement of any item that can be replaced. In the unlikely event that a customer has a defect, we will require photos of the defect so that we can determine the extent of the defect to determine the most efficient solution to resolving the defect. The cost of the photos will be the customer's responsibility. We will require that the photos emailed to or be mailed to our headquarters for evaluation:

Blue Sky Outdoor
ATTN: Warranties
PO Box 2539
Menlo Park, CA 94026

After we receive the photos, we will make a determination on the resolution. This warranty applies under conditions of normal use, but does not apply to defects that result from intentional damage, negligence, or unreasonable use. The terms of this warranty may change without notice, but will never be modified in such a way that eliminates customer protection for manufacturer's defects or the length of the warranty. IF possible, we will only replace defective components of a particular piece of furniture. Replacement of the entire piece of furniture will be at the sole discretion of Blue Sky Outdoor, unless ALL components of that piece of furniture are defective, a very, very highly unlikely scenario, given the impeccable quality of the furniture. Your 3 Year Warranty begins the day your furniture is received.

All sales are final (non-refundable) when they are received. Teak furniture could grow mildew in certain environments and will turn a patina gray color if not preserved, or if the preservative is not maintained by the consumer. It is also common for teak to develop minor check cracks. Blue Sky Outdoor provides no warranty for any of these natural conditions.

Your purchase of any merchandise from Blue Sky Outdoor is considered your agreement to this warranty policy.