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Yelp reviews

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Mountain View, CA

4.0 star rating

I visited 5 teak vendors: here, Toms in RWC, Terra in MTV, Paradise Teak and Garden Teak in the East Bay. Based on what I visually see in the 5 showrooms, Blue Sky probably has the highest quality teak. While all 5 vendors boast "Grade A teak,  mortise and tenon joints," Blue Sky's teak is even-colored, smooth, joints carefully executed, and overall very solid.

Bob is the business owner, and has been in business for over 10 years. He pays special attention to the design of his furniture. For example, the lumber support and the seat curve on his dining chairs are really supportive for the lower back and buttocks -- really demonstrates the attention to detail. His benches also come in different sizes, in 3 inch increments, because different sized tables would be better paired with different benches. This proved to be true when I saw the different sized options paired together.

Excellent customer service. Bob took the time to explain teak, his furniture, the styles, and had his team members rearrange the furniture pieces so I can visualize how different combinations would work, in order to decide what to purchase. He showed me the backroom and how the joints are joined together. He has many dining chair styles lined up against the wall and encouraged me to try them all to pick the one I like best.

In addition to the prices you see on its website, delivery (I'm close by) is $95, and assembly is $25 for a table and $15 for each chair or bench.

The main drawbacks are (i) the prices are the highest among all the places I visited, and (ii) I felt a pressure to buy. On the latter, it's probably a common sales tactic, "if you buy before next Tuesday, I'll honor this price." But still, given this is a big monetary investment, I'd appreciate taking my time.

I'm not sure why this place is so poorly rated on Yelp. I also read the 12 "filtered reviews" and they're all very positive. Read the reviews, one of them is 1 star but the words are glowing! Maybe he just chose the wrong number of stars.

San Francisco, CA

4.0 star rating

We bought our patio set from Teak Patio in Burlingame. We had also looked at Tom's Teak in Redwood City. We felt the quality of the teak furniture from The Teak Patio was better overall in terms of craftsmanship and quality. It just seemed like it would last longer. We had a great experience working with Sean and Jessica. They were very helpful and knowledgeable. We highly recommend anyone considering a teak patio set to visit The Teak Patio. They are in the old Smith & Hawken.

Burlingame, CA

4.0 star rating
 9/18/2012 1 check-in here

I found this place because they are the only place on the peninsula that sells Semco teak sealer. When I originally purchased my outdoor teak furniture (unfortunately not from here- formerly known as The Teak Patio), I had been told to spray down the furniture with Semco. After a little bit of investigating and searching, I discovered this stuff was the best sealer to keep teak in its natural, original color as possible. (you all know untreated teak turns that ash color in about 1.5 years time, right?) So, this past weekend was my second year where I pull down all my furniture off our deck and spray it down with the 'natural' Semco sealer. I needed another gallon (although I really only used 3/4) and called over to Blue Sky to make sure they had it. The first time I called they were out but expected a shipment later in the week. I ended up driving there Saturday morning and I was good to go. I found out from the owner that this place apparently will now start selling pretty nice (ie: Helly Hansen and the like) ski/snow/winter gear starting in November for the ski/boarding season. Hence the name change. So teak furniture in the summer/spring/fall and cool cold weather garb in the winter. There you have it.

Palo Alto, CA

5.0 star rating

Really happy with the service and the furniture we got at Blue Sky.  

We wound up also getting some ski gear, too, since it was off-season and discounted.  :-)

  • sydney t.

San Jose, CA

5.0 star rating

Wonderful experience!  We bought an 11 foot expandable table, chairs, benches, umbrella and a deep seating set.  I shopped multiple outdoor stores and online for over a month. Blue Sky had the best quality for the price and EXCELLENT customer service.  Of all the places we visited, they spent the most time with us and gave us a good bid.  They also SEALED all the pieces and delivered fully assembled in perfect condition. Other places were high pressure, different prices for credit vs cash and the furniture joints uneven or with big glue marks and just didn't seem to care to answer questions.  Even compared to Glouster, Blue Sky was better made with nicer features and less expensive .  The salesperson called 2 weeks after we visited to see if we had any other questions about their estimate.  We went back to make our purchase and the owner stayed an hour after closing to finalize our order and help pick out fabric for cushions. This is an HONEST business that takes pride in their products and customer service.  We LOVE our set and have used it everyday since it was delivered. It is as nicely finished as the ones in the showroom.  I will go back to Blue Sky for any future outdoor purchases!

  • Elonn H.

Rochester, MN

5.0 star rating

Hello Bob, My phone order for the Regency 55" round Sonoma Teak table arrived today (Minnesota) in perfect condition. It's really beautiful. I had only one company called Country Casuals for my quality reference. We purchased a teak table from them many years ago. When it arrived their quality was not as nice as your Regency Co. The boards from Regency are nicely chosen for color evenness and it's so smooth. I'm glad I bought it. Thank you for the time you took to talk to me. Elonn

  • Gena W.

Palo Alto, CA

4.0 star rating

I bought my beautiful teak patio furniture here 9 years ago, and it still looks fantastic! Just replaced the cushions (after some animal chewed up my old ones) and the staff at Blue Sky were just as helpful and professional as before. I highly recommend them.


  • Eve C.

Cupertino, CA

5.0 star rating

We recently purchased an outdoor dining table, chairs and a 'living room' set of gorgeous Teak furniture from Blue Sky Outdoor.  Bob was extremely helpful during the process - allowing us to take chairs home to see what would work best in our yard.  The quality of his furniture is excellent - it has beautiful lines and is sturdier than teak furniture we saw any where else.  The furniture finishes the yard and is absolutely stunning.

Comment from Bob G. of Blue Sky Outdoor 9/14/2012   
  • MC T.

Menlo Park, CA

5.0 star rating

My husband and I spent almost 10K with Bob and his employee,  Jessica's help.  We have been thrilled with all of it, and would like to buy the 2 big teak rocking chairs-just because they look so cool-but we are out of space!!!!  I highly recommend The Teak Patio shop, and have stopped in several times-just because I was in the area!  I did go back and buy coverings for all the teak furniture and I m happy that I did!  Fair prices too!

  • Ed F.

Santa Cruz, CA

5.0 star rating

If you want quality teak furniture and personalized service, please go to The Teak Patio in Palo Alto or Burlingame.  Bob and Jessica carry beautiful outdoor sets and custom cushions to make your garden a lovely place to spend time in.
I recommend this tore for a relaxing, satisfying, and fairly priced shopping experience.  Great selection of merchandise, too!!

  • Tamie B.

Berkeley, CA

5.0 star rating

My husband and I recently purchased a teak patio set from the Burlingame location of the Teak Patio and had a very positive experience from start to finish!  The saleswoman was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. She helped make our selection a fun and easy one.  The furniture was ready when they said it would be ready and was delivered exactly within the two hour window promised.  The young man who delivered our furniture was knowledgeable, helpful and very polite. He spent time helping us place it just where we wanted it. The furniture is beautiful and the quality outstanding.  We are very satisfied with our experience with this company!!!

  • suz g.

San Mateo, CA

5.0 star rating

After visiting 2 other stores (one with very unhelpful sales people and one with a lousy selection) we went to The Teak Patio, where the salesperson was incredibly knowledgable, took all the time we needed to answer questions, respected that this was a major purchase, and helped us make our decisions. We look forward to the delivery of our new furniture and will go back to The Teak Patio when we are ready to add to our collection!

  • Jim S.

Palo Alto, CA

5.0 star rating

Personable service with attention to detail. Excellent quality furniture. Good selection. We purchased tables, chairs, and umbrellas. Couldn't be happier with the whole experience. They even stored our purchase until our yard/patio was ready for delivery. In the event, the delay lasted several months; and they couldn't have been more accommodating. I'd recommend them to anyone.

  • D M.

San Francisco, CA

4.0 star rating

Just made my purchase of teak chairs, table and umbrella from Teak patio.  Pieces look great!


  • Michael B.

San Mateo, CA

5.0 star rating

I wanted to get some outdoor furniture for my backyard for entertaining this summer.  I like the idea of teak furnture, and did some research on the internet.  There are a number of sources available.  However, you'll find that there are wide variations in quality.  The teak furniture at The Teak Patio was the best designed and constructed that I could find.  Compare their quality of construction to any other, and you'll find that their's is much more solid and substantial.  Also, their prices are at or below what you will pay to their competitors for lower quality furniture.

The owner was there to give suggestions based on my description of what I wanted.    I brought in photos of my backyard with dimensions, which the owner and his manager reviewed with me.  When I wanted to compare different pieces together in a group, the onsite manager was quick to oblige.  The service is low key and friendly.

These guys are very knowledgable about teak furniture, and how to care for it.  They explained that the wood should be treated with a product called Semco, or it would weather to a grey patina over time.  They showed me three choices of coverage for the furniture, each with a slightly different finish and UV protection, to choose from.  I liked the lightest tint for the most natural look possible, but that's a matter of choice.

Their warehouse showroom has a large selection of furniture, and they have a good selection of accessories.  Make sure you consider getting their custom fitted cushions for your furniture.  There is a wide selection of colors, and they are very comfortable.  They also have matching pillows that are a nice touch.  I also bought a nice outdoor rug from their selection in the store on which to group some of the  teak pieces, and it looks great.  I've posted a photo so that you can see what I mean.  They also have furniture covers available to protect the furniture from the elements when it's not being used.

You should be aware that some of the fuirniture pieces need to be assembled, and they should be treated with the Semco UV protection.  You can assemble the furniture yourself and apply the Semco treatment, or you can have them do it for a charge.  I had them assemble, treat the wood, and deliver the teak furniture, cushions and rug to my home.  It made things very easy for me.  It only took them a couple of days to have everything ready.  However, if you want to save some money, you can always do it yourself.

I think this is a great store, with high quality teak furniture at prices that are the same or less than their competitors.  The service was was very professional, friendly and helpful.

  • Dominic R.

Sunnyvale, CA

5.0 star rating

With great, friendly service, this is the best shopping experiance I've had in a long time.  Not only was the staff knowledgeable, they bent over backwords to make sure we got exactly what we needed.  And we didn't even know what we needed before coming in.  A small business, about half the time you'll find yourself talking to the owner himself, and he will quickly help you narrow down to a few choices in tables and chairs.  Which is great because there is ALOT of furniture in their showroom.  Don't be overwhelmed though, the staff is there to help you find what you need and want.  With their own brand of furniture, they manage to have the best quality of any of places we had been to, and the best price for what you get.  And since their showroom and warehouse are the same building, everything was in stock, and we got it delivered before the big party.


Palo Alto, CA